JETT Force Integrated Security Systems, Inc. is committed to provide quality security services to its Clientele by consistently managing and implementing the following:

  1. Candidates for deployment shall be selected only from among the graduates of duly approved security training course conducted by qualified/competent instructors.
  2. Selected personnel for deployment shall initially undergo prescribed On-the-Job Training at designated detachment/post for further evaluation and performance assessment.
  3. Careful selection/screening of Security Officers who will perform various monitoring functions to ensure proper implementation of the Detachment Security Operations Manual in close coordination with the designated Client Representative.
  4. Provision and maintenance of quality security equipments/supplies for each Detachment and assigned security personnel.
  5. Will plan, design and execute cost-effective security system to prevent or minimize potential risk in the client’s premises.
  6. Conduct annual review of the effectiveness of established Quality Objectives and update same to ensure sustained customer satisfaction; and to
  7. Comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations in the course of managing its employees and providing security services to its Client as well.

To meet this commitment, JFISSI shall implement and endeavor to maintain the continual improvement of its Quality Management System which satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 International Standard.

This Policy shall be communicated throughout the company to ensure that it will provide overall direction towards maintaining customer satisfaction.

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