Industrial & Aviation Security

On 29 May 2002, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority [TESDA] has granted the Training Center of this Company with a Certificate of Registration to conduct both Industrial and Aviation Security Training necessary in the exercise of security profession. As a Security Training Center, JFISSI was the 1st to be given an accreditation by TESDA-Region 3 to conduct the following courses;

Pre-Licensing Training Course

In-Service Training Course

Basic Security Supervisory Course

Basic Training for Airport Security Personnel

Aviation Security Course

Likewise, JETT Force was the 1st and only private security training institution accredited by the PNP Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agency (PNP SOSIA) to conduct Aviation Security Course after being granted by the PNP Aviation Security Group (PNP ASG) with an Interim Certificate of Competency to conduct the following AVSEC Courses;

Basic Aviation Security Course
Aviation Security Recurrency Course
Aviation Security Supervisory Course

Award of Excellence

In less than two years when it started training activities on June 2002, JETT Force has been adjudged as Private Security Training Center of the Year for Luzon, CY-2003 and recipient of the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE during the 23rd Anniversary Celebration of the PNP Civil Security Group on 01 October 2003. As of this date, over 10,000 security guards have graduated at this institution.

Training Systems & Facilities

The manner on how training is presented greatly affects the appreciation level of individuals. At JETT Force, training and education is as important as field operations itself. Our high regards for technology enables our training processes to become a unique learning experience for our trainees/students. Our goal is to simplify security concepts so that even the ordinary security personnel may comprehend and at the same time, achieve a better memory retention effect on what they have learned using audio video presentation materials and film showing activities – on top of the field training exercises and OJT sessions.

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