JETTForce shall endeavour to provide an effective security system that deploys only well trained and duly qualified guard force integrated with our Total Approach Solution in Security.

To be the country’s leading and globally competitive security systems provider.

At JETTFORCE, it is our desire to recruit, train and develop proud and happy guards, create an environment of discipline and team work while assuring their professional growth. Our focus is not only in the deployment of well trained security personnel but to hone them further to become future leaders and officers of the Company.

By maintaining the proper compensation and benefits for its employees, JETTFORCE has not encounter a single case from concerned government agencies. The company has existing policy guidelines for guards and employee to communicate directly with the top management on matters regarding their concern, suggestions or issues at work.

JETTFORCE ultimate goal is to provide world class security services by developing security professionals of international standard and qualified for deployment abroad. We welcome individuals who are passionate to their work and believe that they can contribute in the realization of its Mission and Vision. At JETTFORCE we work together as a team, share our knowledge and wisdom, develop each person and grow together as ONE FORCE, ONE FAMILY.

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